Classy Accent Chairs: Your Guide to Spicing Up Your Home

What are accent chairs?

The word accent is where the emphasis is – an accent chair is not just a piece of furniture, but a statement that draws attention. No one wants to have boring decor, and an accent chair is a perfect way to create visual interest while complementing the aesthetic of the room. The main goal is to attract the eye and highlight it, while also remaining in tune with the rest of the room.

What type of chairs can be accent chairs?

The joy of room decorating is in infinite possibilities when it comes to stylistic choices. Your accent chair could be a bright red leather single-seater couch or an intricately crafted wooden rocking chair, or even a yellow plastic stool; as long as it stands out as a focal point, it is a good accent chair.

How to choose an accent chair?

The color of the room, the theme of its décor, and even the personality of its owner could be taken into consideration. If the room is neutral-colored, then bright colors like yellow or red, or green would draw the eye towards the chair.

If the room is already brightly colored, the focus can be on the design of the chair rather than solely its color – a couch with beautiful silver upholstery, an unusually shaped chair, or an intricate carving on the chair would help make it stand out. The theme of décor is important in determining the color and style of the chair and even its material. For instance, a bamboo chair would look great in a mainly wooden room, but plastic or leather would form a good contrast against the wood background.

If the décor is in cool tones, the chair can be in warm tones. The personality of the owner might help in choosing an accent chair that stands out while representing their personality – a modern chair with a unique shape with comfortable seating for the modern working professional to a wooden couch with pale blue seats for a lover of the rustic to brassy metallic chairs for those who are bold and experimental.

Things to keep in mind 

The accent chair’s role is to draw attention, but it must not clash with the rest of the room and create visual overload or discomfort. For example, do not use too many bright overwhelming colors. On the opposite hand, the chair must not entirely conform to the rest of the room. If it does not stand out, it loses its purpose and adding class to the room.

Remember that it does not strictly have to be just one chair – it can very well be a full set of yellow sofas in a white room or six chairs around the dining room table. Do not restrict yourself by the number.

Comfort and utility must not be compromised. An accent chair is different from other pieces of décor because it is meant to be used as extra seating in the room. Chairs that look good, but are impractical to use should only be considered if other forms of seating are sufficient and practical.

Make full use of your chair.

Move it to different locations, try different setups and angles, add a little coffee table to it – just have fun experimenting with it! We hope you enjoy your chair and the brightness it brings to your room.