Furniture: Can it be considered modern art?


The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word modern art is painting. In today’s world, art is not just limited to paintings. Artists today are narrowing the difference between different forms of art. Artistic furniture could be a table that isn’t just made for people to sit at, or a chair isn’t just made for people to sit on. Many artists today have found meaning in their work by manifesting their artistic skills through furniture.

Can furniture represent art?

There is a stigma around what could be considered art. Furniture is something that is supposed to be used. A chair must be able to take the weight of a human so that he can rest his legs. A lamp should be able to use a bulb to light up, and a table is supposed to be able to keep objects on it. Generally speaking, furniture is considered useful, while art, on the other hand, is supposed to be contemplated. Shannon Stratton, the chief curator at the Museum of Art and Design in New York, believes that people working on different forms of art shouldn’t be discriminated against.

The stereotypes regarding furniture making:

The gender bias relating to furniture making is also a problem that these artists have to deal with. Intensive labor is considered masculine, and fine works such as weaving and designing are considered feminine. The artists pursuing this line of work tend to smash this gender bias. Artists are eliminating various stereotypes and biases.

The old debate about art and design:

There has always been a form of distinction between artists and designers. Whether design counts as art is a question, people generally ask. Artists are considered to be in pursuit of making something that is more important and complicated than furniture. Thankfully, artists and designers from the late ’80s and ’90s tried to narrow this gap and made art and design commonplace. The unity of art and design got the artists motivated to work on their projects and make money.

Art and space:

Artists have always been fascinated about manifesting their work through objects that could be kept in a domestic space. Art is always sold at a higher price than furniture; therefore, the combination of both would have a higher value. Artistic furniture could be considered as a sculpture that is present in a three-dimensional space.


If there is a possibility that furniture could represent art to even a slight percentage, then it has to be considered art because art is something that is created by people, and it works through people. There is no single definition of art, so, therefore, whatever people believe art is should be considered the same. Furniture is present in our daily lives. If something is present in front of us for such a long period, for such a prolonged duration every single day, then it had to be that the furniture would be considered art.