Redefining modern furniture in innovative and inspiring ways

About Coco & Design:

In 2014, architect Roberta Galantino took a step toward developing a company with unique and creative ideas. Coco & Design is an Italian company upheld at the ambitions and imaginations of its responsible stakeholders. It is known for manufacturing bio-furniture for kids to turn their dream bedrooms into reality. They are dedicated to the health and safety of kids, just like any other parent could be. The project is one-of-a-kind because of its environment-friendly approach. Coco & Design is the perfect blend of science and love to fill the children’s lives with joy.

What’s so different?

The company is outstanding in various ways. The high quality and design of furniture are now a common factor shared by all manufacturers. Coco & Design successfully raises the bar by introducing its bio-design furniture. How amazing is it to protect the environment while building the dream house for your kids? It is made possible through the combined efforts of the team of Coco & Design. The line of furniture is built in Montessori style, focused on the well-being of children. Natural materials are used to eradicate the harmful impacts on the environment. It creates a healthier surrounding for kids too.

The story of bio-furniture

The company uses category one bio poplar plywood. It is durable, strong, and natural. Other than this, the plywood contains 0% formaldehyde. (The prevalent furniture coating contains a considerable amount of formaldehyde, which might lead to dizziness, headaches, and other physical issues. The effect can be harmful to children even if adults don’t realize it.) Even the bonding system is soy-based, which makes it 100% non-toxic and safe. This helps in improving the air quality in the room, leaving no scope for toxic emissions. Apparently, it makes it a big yes, because improving air quality is not so common for a furniture company.  

The other scientific aspect involved in the usage of water-based bio coatings for the wood. These are produced using waste plant substances. Therefore, the raw material is non-toxic, natural, renewable, and environmentally friendly. Many wood stains are said to emit toxins. Coco & Design ensure they are using the most suitable alternatives to make it healthier and safer.

Safety does not mean compromising creativity

With the multi-directional approach of Coco & Design, there is no place for compromise. Surprisingly, these furnishings will far exceed your expectations. The efforts are evident in every excellent aspect of the company. The furniture is assembled rather than manufactured, just like a brick wall. It will accompany your child through their growing years. The happy panel is the most interesting feature of the furniture; it is a panel with joint systems. The structure allows you to assemble and dismantle it in many ways. This will provide a sense of familiarity and possession to the child.

Lively spaces are created as a combination of structure and color schemes. The former is no doubt the best dedication to children, and the colors are just the icing on the cake. The refreshing and soothing tones of pastels will be the best background for your child’s photo album. The surrounding has a direct impact on the mood and health of a person. The overall appearance of the room will fill the kids’ lives with joy.

Letting your child experience a playful yet healthy childhood is a dream of many parents, and Coco & Design help you realize this dream in the best way. Designed with such love and consideration, these furnishings, along with other accessories, help the kids play, learn and grow in a safe and sound environment, which is just second to a mother’s lap.