The Iconic ‘Back to the Future’ Home

One of the most successful franchises of Universal Studios in the late 1900s, “Back to the Future” is a movie based on the concept of time travel. Throughout the trilogy, there is hovering into the past and the future. The interesting fact is that the future, as depicted in the movie, is no more suspense because we have lived it through. For the audience, it was a light-hearted sci-fi, but it was a real peep into the future of interiors for the designers.

The Beauty of Past Design

In the first part, released in 1985, the house of Marty Mcfly is a vintage private residence located in California in reality. It is a 1950’s ranch-style house. There is no extravagance, yet it captures the attention of the viewers. For the sake of the fandom, the house is kept intact by the owner.

The outer appearance is classic, with a cool color scheme matched with a warm-tone roof. The atmosphere of the house reflects the lifestyle in the suburbs post the World War 2 period. The interior highlights monotonous solid furniture. The home is well-organized with various pieces of furniture, including sofa, armchairs, tables, and different styles of chairs.

The doors and garage might look old-fashioned, but it is a surreal landscape of the 1850s, a unique view.  

The Innovation of Future Design

The second part of the movie boasts of a highly advanced future in 2015. The movie has inspired a number of innovative inventions in the tech and interior fields. Even to the writers’ surprise, many of their predictions came alive in this duration of 30 years.

One of the major changes we notice is in the lightning outside the house and on the sidewalks. The traditional lights are replaced with modernized panels and embedded designs. Inside the house, the lights are voice-controlled, which seemed like a fantasy at that time. But now, it is indeed possible.

The living room is accommodated with an advanced flat-screen TV and other high-tech amenities. The kitchen has many gadgets from which a few have made it to our lives. The smart refrigerator and microwaves are a part of modern homes.

The Ideal Kitchen

We are in the future, but a few things in the movie are so fantastic to make us feel incomplete. The kitchen garden on the ceiling with a voice-controlled fruit dispenser will surely catch your attention. Other than that, food hydrators and master cook also stays on the list of things everyone would love to have.

Opening the Doors to New Possibilities

Many things are still to be incorporated into our lives to go back to our future homes. The theme of the movie was fiction based on. The flying car is still far away, but drones delivering newspapers seem feasible.

Yet, it encouraged designers to widen their horizons. As a result, the gap between reality and imagination keeps reducing.

With each invention in technology, a new door opens. It is in the near future that futuristic homes will be the present home. People are already accepting the concept of smart homes. Therefore, half of the journey is completed, but still, there is a long way to go.